Hong Kong Coin Bracelet China Chinese 5 Dollars, Coin Enthusiast, Fashion
Accessory, Handmade in Canada

Custom Coin Bracelet. For your size, measure a string around your wrist then
add 1 inch, then choose the chain size closest to the measurement.

Your Bracelet come in a Gold or Silver colour chain available in various

The chains shown in the examples are 8mm Silver and 7mm Gold.

I will send you a random date coin unless you request a date before you buy. I
will check my stock to see if I have it.

Each Bracelet is made of heavy duty Stainless Steel Chain, Jumpers, and
Lobster Clips. Built to withstand all the use you can give it.

A small piece of a place you visited, or your home country.

Looking for that special piece of jewelry that connects you to the past, look
no further.

A small piece of history filled with memories from its travels around the

Nice gift for a friend. And a great conversation starter.

Each coin has been cleaned, polished to a high shine.

Two coats of protective sealer is applied and oven baked to preserve the
finish and shine.

Every Bracelet is individually made, one item at a time, ensuring that every
one is as individual as the person who wears it.

This custom Bracelet is striking and makes a fantastic gift to be passed down
from generation to generation.

A great gift for that coin enthusiast.

All coins are 100% genuine. No fakes or copies. Only coins with the best
detail are used.

*** If you do not see the coin you are looking for in my shop, send me a
message request.


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